custom made Hand Sanitizer dispenser
Automatic Dispenser Pedal Operated touch free hand sanitizer dispenser
1. Quick Dispensing & Safety
Automatic hand sanitizer dispensers normally take 3 to 4 seconds to dispense sanitizer liquid. Dispensing is instantaneous in pedal operated dispenser. No time wastage.
Delay in dispensing leads to touching of the sensor/dispenser unknowingly by majority of the users. Purpose of being touch-free & hygeinic is compromised. Since it is quick dispensing, touching is avoided. 100% safe.
2. Novelty
Automatic hand sanitizer dispensers have been around in the market for many years in the form of liquid soap dispenser. There is no Novelty. Pedal operated dispenser is a new , unique and interesting concept developed during the COVID pandemic. There is novelty in this concept and design.
3. Environment Friendly
Battery operated and made of plastic. It is a GREEN product. Made of steel and no batteries are required.
4. Possibility of Corporate Branding, choice of colors and laser cut Logos.
Branding is not possible on the product by itself. Limited modifications are possible in third party workshops. Custom logos can be Laser cut using in-house machineries at Air Master factory and powdercoated based on corporate color themes. We also offer services of stickering on the product which makes it look very attractive. It is useful for brand promotions in departmental stores, theme parks, corporate offices, schools, showrooms and so on.
5. Outdoor and off shore applcation
Cannot be used in extreme weather conditions. Our stainless steel dispensers can be used in any weather conditions. It can be used for all outdoors and off-shore applications.
6. Liquid visisiblity and ease of replacement
Janitors have to constantly monitor the sanitizer liquid levels. There are high chances that it may go unnoticed. Liquid is easily visible and can be replaced instantly once the bottle is almost empty.
7. Advantages of local Manufacturing
Manufactured out of UAE. Any repair and parts replacement is a hassle for the trader and end user. Locally manufactured. Any damages to the product by the user can be easily fixed at Air Master facility.
8. Long Product life & No Maintenance
Product life depends on the quality of the sensor. Once the sensor stops working, the product goes to waste. No moving parts. No maintenance. Long life.
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