Airmaster Equipments Emirates was exhibiting the latest products at The HVAC R Expo in Big 5 from  Nov 25 to Nov 28, 2019 at World Trade Centre, Dubai.  We are very proud to be part of “The Big 5” show, which is the largest and most influential building and construction show in the Middle East. Since 1979, the event has launched hundreds of thousands of products, it has facilitated partnerships, advanced knowledge, and industry best practices while serving as the gateway for international companies to access the Middle East market.

In today’s competitive marketing world, apart from providing the best services and innovative products, it is essential to have a fair knowledge of our competitors too. Exhibitions give us an opportunity to watch all the market leaders concentrated in one place. It allows us to understand our competitors better.

Ultimately, exhibitions like HVAC R Expo provide a stage for promoting our products, learning more about the demands of the market, scouting our competition and also building a rapport with our existing customers. As one of the leading manufacturers of HVAC equipment in the United Arab Emirates, our biggest challenge has always been that of expanding internationally. HVAC R Expo gives us a huge opportunity to meet with potential customers from all over the globe. This helps us to keep up with worldwide trends and also be updated about the market abroad.

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