Established in 1987 (over 32 years of excellence) – Air Master Equipments Emirates L.L.C has been operating in the Middle East and sub-continent and has been actively engaged in the manufacturing of quality Air distribution, Air control and Fire safety products for HVAC industry. We have diversified our business into different areas of construction industry in past few years such as: Manufacturing of Fire rated steel & Acoustic doors, HVAC designing & contracting, Manufacturing Tapes/Adhesives for HVAC & Packaging industry. We have added another milestones i n our product range Sheet Metal Ducting followed by Fire Resistant Ducting.

Our Computerized state-of-the-art sheet metal duct manufacturing facility has the capability of producing over 20,000 sq.ft. of ducting per day. We supply entire range of rectangular, round and spiral ductwork for the HVAC projects. Other ducting accessories such as dampers, sound attenuators, flexible ducts, duct tapes, flanges NBR and XLPE insulation and so on are also manufactured in various facilities. 

We understand that ducting is always on the critical line for any MEP project. The requirements are always linked with other MEP activities in line with civil progress. Rest assured that our team of highly skilled and productive workforce can cater to all your design and delivery requirements on timely basis. Moreover, our strategic location in Ras Al Khaimah will help us to cater your needs across all the emirates or anywhere in GCC region. 

Being one of the market leaders in HVAC, our vision is to make as one stop shop for all the HVAC needs of our customers. Our Ducting factory is a step forward to achieve this vision. Our progressive growth is attributed to the hands-on approach by the top management. We currently operate 8 manufacturing facilities in different parts of GCC with a highly-trained workforce, led by a team of experienced managers and engineers thus ensuring delivery of quality engineered products to meet tight schedule of our customers.

One stop shop for all your HVAC requirement

one stop shop for all your hvac requirement

Technology Profile

Ducting technology was developed in the USA and gradually spread to the rest of the world. During the last 10 years, there has been significant technological advancement in Duct Manufacturing with high automation. Modern Duct Manufacturing technology gives an edge to the manufacturer against the competition for the following key factors mainly,

  • High Quality
  • High Productivity
  • Economy
  • Superior Performance
HVAC Acoustic products
Air Distribution Products

Key Features of Airmaster Ducting:

  1. Coil Line: CNC controller based straight duct forming machine. This machine has a capacity to make straight ducts with standard length of 4ft. The raw materials used as GI coils of 4ft width, the width of coils becomes standard length of straight duct. At a time 4 different thickness coils can be loaded with the machine and selected sheet thickness coil is being processed for manufacture of different sized ducts.
  2. Plasma – Laser Cutter: CNC controller based plasma and laser cutting machine for cutting fittings parts. The machine runs with industry famous CAMDUCT software to prepare part programs for the ducts layout drawings. These machines precisely cut the blanks used for the fitting parts in order to get the desired duct dimensions.
  3. Lock Formers: To make mechanical lock for the longitudinal joints, high quality lock formers are being used.
  4. High quality bending and shearing machine for making parts of the ducts for accurate geometry.
  5. High quality welding techniques are utilized for welded ducts constructions.
  6. Modern techniques are being used for final assembly of ducts to get true geometry and size of the ducts.
  7. Efficient logistics for delivery of ductwork to various job sites.
  8. Unparalleled quality of Ducting in compliance with latest SMACNA/DW specifications.
  9. Expertise support for special project duct construction specifications
  10. Low leakage characteristics for energy savings and reduced pressure drop

P.O Box – 3180 , Ajman
Phone: +971 6 7436900

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