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Displacement Diffuser – ADDV


• Face plate – Perforated GI/SS/MS/Aluminium.
• Thickness – 16 Ga to 22 Ga depending upon diameter and height of the  displacement diffuser.


Product Features:
• 360°/180° air distribution pattern.
• Low noise.
• No visible joints.
• Aesthetic appearance/architecturally appealing.
• Shapes to suit interior design.
• Removable face plate.
• Circular air inlet for efficient air distribution.
• Can add more if necessary.

Technical data:
• Air volume: From 50 L/s to 1500 L/s.
• Noise levels: Between 20 db to 35 db.
• Free Area: 20% to 30% depending upon the perforation pattern.

Product Description:

  • The Air Master displacement diffuser is designed to achieve thermal comfort, efficient ventilation and improve indoor air quality.
  • The distribution unit can be constructed in cylindrical, semi-cylindrical, quarter cylindrical, triangular, rectangular, square shapes to suit the interior design.
  • The air inlet connection can be circular or rectangular and can be located either at the top or bottom of the diffuser.
  • The diffuser can be constructed with fixed vertical vanes to restrict the directional flow or adjustable horizontal vanes to control the air velocity, as an option.
  • Accessories: Mounting base/plate.
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