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Fire Damper – AFD 3


Frame: High quality galvanized Iron Sheet of 1.6mm thickness.
Blades: Interlocking type blades roll formed from 1mm thick galvanized steel.
Blade Ramp: Formed from 1.6mm thick galvanized steel with a spring holder.
Springs: 2nos. constant force stainless steel springs.
Fusible Links: UL listed fusible links which has fire rating of 165° F / 212° F.


Fire damper is a device installed in an air distribution system or an air transfer opening designed to close automatically upon detection of heat interrupting airflow and thereby restricting the passage of fire in the process. Fire dampers are installed in fire rated walls/barriers/partitions (sleeve required) where the HVAC ductwork penetrates ensuring that their integrity is maintained. The location and installation procedure of fire dampers should be in accordance with the widely accepted and recommended standard, NFPA 90A – Standard for the installation of Air-Conditioning. 

Airmaster fire damper is developed with the intention of maximizing occupant’s safety.

Frame: High  quality  galvanized  Iron  Sheet  of 1.6mm thickness.
Blades: Interlocking type  blades  roll  formed  from  1mm thick galvanized steel.
Blade  Ramp: Formed  from  1.6mm  thick  galvanized steel with a spring holder.
Springs: 2nos.  constant  force  stainless  steel springs.
Fusible  Links: UL  listed  fusible  links  which  has fire rating of 165°  F /  212°  F.

  • Fire damper  frame  is  made  from  1.6mm  thk.  high  quality galvanized steel sheet.  All  welded  joints  are  rust proofed by zinc  paint  coating.  The fire damper blades are roll formed from 1mm thk. galvanized steel. The interlocking type blades are designed  with  hat shaped reinforcement ridges ensuring strength and stability.  The  blade  ramp  is  formed  from  1.6mm  thk. galvanized steel with a spring holder. The  ramp  is frmly  secured  to  the  frame  by  rivets.  Constant force  stainless steel  springs  are  firmly secured to the  blades  and  held  in  place  on  the  ramp.  The blades are secured by UL listed fusible links which has  a  fire  rating  of  165°F  /  212°F and  thus  kept out of the air-stream when not in operation.
  • The  heat  responsive  links  on  detection  of  heat beyond  165°F  /  212°F  release  the blades  from their position. Upon release, the blades  which are connected  to  the  springs  are  pulled  down  by  the springs  and  get  automatically  locked  on  a  latch and remains so until reset. These fire dampers are 1 rated up to  1/2 hours rating  with  low leakage. All dampers  are  manufactured  in  compliance  to  the UL 555 standards and the company’s quality control procedures.
  • Upon the termination of fire condition, the damper can be re-opened (usually an  access door  has to be provided for inspection) by simply pulling up the curtain blades and replacing the fusible link.

Fusible Link:
Vertical:   UL Listed 165°F / 212°F fusible link as standard.

Horizontal: UL Listed 165°F fusible link as standard

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