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Motorized Smoke Damper – AMSD


Frame: High quality galvanized Iron Sheet of 1.6mm thickness.
Blades: Single skin roll formed from high quality steel sheet of thickness 16 gauge.
Actuator: Fast acting , two position Honeywell actuator
Gasket: UL Listed
Jamb Seal: Stainless Steel


Motorized Smoke damper 

Motorized  Smoke damper is a device installed in an air distribution system or an air transfer opening designed to close automatically upon detection of smoke, interrupting the airflow and thereby restricting the passage of fire in the process. The location and installation procedure of fire dampers should be in accordance with the widely accepted and recommended standard, NFPA 90A – Standard for the installation of Air-Conditioning. 
SMOKE inhalation during fire accidents is one of the major reason for deaths during building fires. Airmaster Motorized  Smoke damper is developed with the intention of maximizing occupant’s safety.
Frame: High  quality  galvanized  Iron  Sheet  of 1.6mm thickness.
Blades: Single skin roll formed from high quality steel sheet of thickness 16 gauge.
Actuator: Fast acting , two position Honeywell actuator
Gasket: UL Listed
Jamb Seal: Stainless Steel

  • Available with Class II leakage, rated at 2000fpm (10.2m/s) / 4”w.g(1000pa).Suitable for most of the commercial smoke management applications in both static and dynamic systems.
  • All corners of the frame are fully welded (and painted to prevent rust) to make construction more sturdy for a rattle free operation.
  • Designed for parallel blade operation.
  • AMSD series is UL 555S classified manufactured under Airmaster’s strict quality control procedures..
  • Supplied with 230VAC actuators as standard.
  • Actuators are supplied without auxiliary switch as standard.
  • Actuator position will be based on Clockwise (CW) closure direction as standard.
  • Factory fitted with 400mm wide & 1.2mm thick steel sleeve.
  • All dampers are factory tested to ensure smooth operation before dispatch.
  • Actuators have to be configured with control panel or BMS system for smoke control applications before commissioning.

Maximum Approved Sizes:

  • Multiple section : 280” x  35” (vertical installation only)   OR   140″ x 70″  (vertical installation only)
  • Single section : 35” x  35” (vertical installation only)
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