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Motorized Volume Control Damper – AVCD-M


Frame:  High quality Galvanized Steel sheet of thickness 1.2mm as standard.
Frame Size:  125mm depth and standard flange height of 35mm.
Blades:  Double skinned high quality extruded Aluminium aerofoil profiles.
Drive Shaft:  Electro-plated square rod of size 12.7mm x 12.7mm.
Bushings:  Self-lubricating S.S Ball bearing.
Blade linkage:  Nylon gear.
Blade stopper:  G.I angle of thickness 0.7mm.


Airmaster manufactures Motorized volume control damper for controlling the air flow through the damper remotely using BMS system.


·         Designed for use in heating, ventilating and air conditioning systems.

·         Joints are welded and protected by aluminum spray coating to prevent rusting.

·         Blades are coupled by toothed nylon gears which provide opposed blade operation.

·         Foam gasket is sealed across the blade edges to minimize air leakage between the blades.

·         Flanged edges are supplied un-drilled as standard.

·         Dampers without flanges available as option for duct insertion purpose.

·         Actuators of client’s choice will be supplied separately.

·         Dampers will be provided with extended spindle to fix actuator on-site.

·         Bigger sizes will be provided with mechanical linkage for stability and hassle-free operation.

Optional Accessories:Motorized Volume Control Damper

·        Frame: Thickness up to 2mm upon request. Aluminium frame available for off-shore or light weight applications.

·         Handle: Cast Aluminium

·         Bush: Brass bush, S.S. Ball Bearing.

·         Gear Wheel: Aluminium Alloy.

·         Low Leakage: S.S.Jambseal,nylon blade end caps.     


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