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Perforated 4 way Adjustable Ceiling Diffuser – APCS


Frame and blade: High quality Aluminium profile
Perforated panel: 0.8 mm thick galvanized perforated steel sheet


Perforated ceiling diffuser is a type of diffuser with perforated face. 4 – way adjustable perforated ceiling diffuser deflects air equally on all four directions. It has the advantages of controlling the air flow direction by adjusting the individual blades. They are also available with individually adjustable curved blades with the option of 1-way, 2-way and 3-way  throw air patterns.

  • The curved blades of 4 way adjustable perforates ceiling diffuser are specially designed so that the diffuser blades can be arranged in such a way when it is fully open deflects air equally in four directions.
  • The diffuser pattern can be made as 1, 2, 3 way by arranging the blades .
  • Perforated panel is fixed to the outer frame with adjustable slides. Panel can be removed easily by pulling it out.
  • The internal core is made of curved blades which are individually adjustable. Core is fixed to the frame by screws and can be removed by loosening screws and interchangeable to allow for maximum flexibility in installation and maintenance.
  • Supply air diffusers can be provided with plenum box with round neck.

Standard finishes:

  • Natural aluminium anodized finish.
  • Powder coated colour finish as per RAL colour codes.
  • Flexibility of finishing is available as option.

Model – APCS+D:
Construction same as APCS with opposed blade damper and foam gasket to avoid leakage.

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