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Pressure Relief Damper – APRD


Frame and blades: Galvanized steel
Blade supports:  SS shafts and brass bushes


Pressure relief damper is a HVAC damper used in areas experiencing a build of pressure and requiring release of this excess pressure at regular intervals, in one direction. The release of this excess helps maintain or control the pressure in the zone, area or even inside the duct thus preventing the duct from damage. Pressure relief dampers can be mounted on the wall or duct, depending upon the application.
Pressure relief dampers can be mounted either horizontally or vertically. However, care should be taken to mount the HVAC damper, by orienting the blades in the direction of the desired airflow. These HVAC dampers can operate on counter weights or motors.
Airmaster manufacture pressure relief dampers which are factory calibrated to operate at desired pressure levels. This is achieved by fixing weights to the blades. These weights are adjustable, they can be removed or altered on site should the site condition change. Additionally, the pressure relief dampers can also be provided with a client approved actuator, which will operate as per signal from the BMS system, regardless of the velocity or pressure.
 Airmaster also manufactures other types of HVAC dampers such as volume control dampers ( rectangular and round) and fire dampers (UL 555 tested and approved). 

  • Pressure relief dampers are provided with weighed metal strip.
  • Dampers are tested after fabrication to operate at required pressure
  • The dampers are designed to maintain a constant pressure level inside pressurized room by relieving excess air when it exceeds the desired limit.

Standard Finishes:

  • Powder coated as per RAL colour codes.

Pressure Relief Damper

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