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Rectangular Ceiling Diffuser – ACD4R+D


Frame and core: High quality extruded aluminium profile with 33 mm flange width
Damper frame and core: High quality extruded aluminium profile with natural aluminium finish. Black matt finish as option.


  • The frame and blade are high quality extruded aluminium profiled construction with the advantage of corrosion resistance and rigidity. 
  • Diffuser shall be coned type with each cone manufactured by extruded aluminium louvered profile ,arranged in concentric cones to deflect air equally in four directions. 
  • Damper is fixed rigidly to the frame by aluminium rivets. Fixing by spring clips as option.
  • Damper blades are separated from its frame by nylon bushes.
  • This product can be manufactured for one, two, three and four way throws.
  • Foam gasket is sealed around the back of the frame as option to avoid air leakage.

  Model ACD4R:  Construction same as ACD4R+D, without opposed blade damper and foam gasket.

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