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Single deflection GI Grille fixed horizontal blade ARG-H (GI)


Frame: 1.2mm thick Galvanized steel sheet with 30 mm flange width as standard. 12, 20, 24 mm flange widths optional..
Blades: Galvanized steel blades of 1mm upto 3mm thick.
Blade spacing: 20 mm as standard.


  • The frame is made from a single Galvanized steel sheet to give seamless joints without any welding involved.
  • The blade made out of galvanized sheets is welded to the frame. Welded areas are rust proofed by zinc paint coating.
  • Blades are fixed to the frame at 45° to the horizontal plane. 0° is optional.

Single deflection GI Grille fixed horizontal blade ARG-H (GI)


  • Smoke extract, car park ventilation.
  • Heavy duty applications such as stadiums, gymnasiums and swimming pool areas.

Standard finishes:

  • Natural GI finish.
  • Powder coated colour finish as per RAL colour codes.

Stainless Steel Grille:

S.S grille, manufactured from grade 316, can be used in offshore applications, chemical facilities, waste treatment, sewage treatment plants and all the application of G.I grille.

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