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Slip-on Flanges

Slip-on Flanges are key components of 4-Bolt duct connectors system. These roll-formed flange profiles are made using high quality grade Galvanized Sheet Metals. Available with integrated sealant applied in profiles. The standard size options available are AM 20, AM 25, AM 30, AM 35 and AM 40.


Corners & Flanges

Air master covers the entire range of various type duct connectors’ systems.  Suitable flanges’ corners are stamped from high quality steel grades. Specially formulated for HVAC ducts, water-based sealants and cross joints gaskets are available. Special clamps are available for supporting the construction of the duct. Airmaster is the best Flanges and Duct Corners manufacturers & Suppliers in UAE along with Grilles And Registers, Diffusers, Dampers, Louvers, Fire and Safety, Tapes & Insulation and VAV & Silencer. We supply all over in the middle east, Asian & African countries.

Airmaster diversified business into different areas of the construction industry in past few years, such as: Manufacturing of Fire rated Steel & Acoustic doors, HVAC designing & contracting, Manufacturing of Tapes/Adhesives for HVAC & Packaging industry  and Fire fighting equipment. Now, we are coming up with another milestone in our product range- “Sheet Metal Ducting”.


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