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Sound Attenuator – Circular – ACL


  • Casing: High quality galvanized steel sheet of 0.9mm thickness (standard); up to 1.2mm for bigger sizes.
  • Splitters/Pod: Centre splitter (Pod) construction using high quality perforated galvanized steel sheet of 0.7mm thickness.
  • Acoustic Media: Inorganic ,fire resistant , vermin and moisture proof sound absorbent rock wool of 50kg/m3 density.
  • Liner: Single faced to prevent the media from entering into the air stream.
  • Flange: Slip connections on both ends.


Airmaster Sound Attenuators are carefully designed to reduce pressure differential at higher velocities and optimally sized to maximize efficiency and minimize cost. Circular Sound Attenuators are used in HVAC systems with round ducts.
Airmaster is a renowned Sound Attenuators Manufacturer, approved by leading consultants in the region for various prestigious projects such as king saud university (K.S.A), Zallaq Sofitel resort ( Bahrain), command of military works ( Abu Dhabi schools), etc, are some of the few projects amongst many. We also undertake Sound Attenuators Manufacturing for projects that require large non-standard sizes for large air volumes.
Airmaster is one of the leading Sound Attenuators manufacturers in the region using a third party renowned selection software for a reliable Sound Attenuators selection process. We also undertake Sound Attenuators selection and supply for generator/ fan rooms, and successfully installed in various university, commercial and hospitality projects across the G.C.C.

  • Circular silencer construction provides maximum acoustical performance , while minimizing system pressure drop even at high velocities . Desired aerodynamic performance is achieved by avoiding the need for square to round reducers that will increase the pressure drop.
  • Sturdy construction and high noise absorbing capacity to obtain required insertion loss without compromising performance . Manufactured to ensure long and maintenance free service.
  • Centre splitter (Pod) are radiused at both ends to minimize self generated noise and pressure loss.
  • Full width splitter in the middle and half width side splitters at the circumference .
  • Casing construction with lock formed seams meet SMACNA standards thus providing excellent strength and rigidity . Thoroughly sealed to prevent air leakage.
  • Slip connection on both ends in compliance with DW144 standards.
  • Acoustic infill media is of superior quality non combustible & have fungi resistant characteristics meeting the requirements of EN ISO 1182 and ASTM C665 respectively. It has excellent noise reduction coefficient characteristics with an additional qualification of being biologically inert.

Circular Silencer Dimensional Details

Model ACL with 50mm Side Splitter
Model ACL with 100mm Side Splitter

*Available Standard Length 600,900,1200,1500mm
Options Available Upon Request (Non Standard)

  • Flange : M.S angle frame
  • Flange width : 30mm or 40mm
  • Media : Fiber glass woven glass fabric as line
  • Air gap: From 50mm – 250mm to suit product requirement
  • Casing Material: Stainless steel or Aluminium.
  • Baffle thickness : 100mm or 300 mm

Product Summary:
Model: ACL
Product Description: Circular Silencer
Installation Guide:

  • Do not place the silencer immediately after the noise source like air handler or blower in order to allow uniform flow profile to develop. Leave at least 2-5 duct diameters in the upstream and downstream of the silencer for better silencer efficiency.
  • Do not expose the silencer to dirt or excess humidity while installation or during storage.
  • The HVAC system should be designed meticulously for proper dehumidification and air- filtration to prevent microbial growth within the silencer and the duct system.
  • It is recommended to install the silencer after the volume control damper to prevent regenerated noise.

Product Order Checklist:

  • Required room sound criteria.
  • Airflow data for each silencer
  • Duct size and maximum length available for silencer to fit in.
  • Details of the air-handling units with its noise levels.
  • CAD drawings with clear details of duct routing from each unit and duct- size till the first air outlet.
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