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Sound Attenuators – Crosstalk – ARL


  • Casing:High quality galvanized steel sheet of 0.9mm thickness (standard); up to 1.2mm for bigger sizes.
  • Splitters/Baffles:Construction using high quality perforated galvanized steel sheet of 0.7mm thickness.200mm splitter width is standard.
  • Acoustic Media:Inorganic ,fire resistant , vermin and moisture proof sound absorbent rock wool of 64kg/m³ or 50kg/m³density.
  • Liner:Single faced to prevent the media from entering into the air stream.
  • Flange:Duct mate flange of 35 mm width.



  • Aerodynamic design to ensure maximum insertion loss and minimal pressure drop. Air-
    gap and length of silencer are selected to meet the required NC level.
  • Cross talk silencer is primarily used to reduce the noise interference between interconnected rooms while maintaining the smooth airflow with acceptable pressure drop level.
  • Sturdy construction and high noise absorbing capacity to obtain required insertion loss without compromising performance . Manufactured to ensure long and maintenance free service.
  • Splitters are radiused at both ends to minimize self generated noise and pressure loss.
  • Casing construction with lock formed seams meet SMACNA standards thus providing excellent strength and rigidity . Thoroughly sealed to prevent air leakage.
  • Duct mate flange connection (standard) on both ends in compliance with DW144 standards.
  • Acoustic infill media is of superior quality non combustible & have fungi resistant characteristics meeting the requirements of EN ISO 1182 and ASTM C665 respectively. It has excellent noise reduction coefficient characteristics with an additional qualification of being biologically inert.
  • Tested and certified by Intertek USA (NVLAP accredited laboratories) in accordance with ASTM standard E477-06a ,entitled “standard method of testing duct line material and prefabricated silencers for acoustical and airflow performance”.

ACT Dimensional Details
Options Available Upon Request (Non Standard)

  • Flange : M.S angle frame
  • Flange width : 30mm or 40mm
  • Media : Fiber glass woven glass fabric as line
  • Casing Material: Stainless steel or Aluminium.

Product Summary:
Model : ACT
Product Description: Cross Talk Silencer
Installation Guide:

  • Do not place the silencer immediately after the noise source like air handler or blower in order to allow uniform flow profile to develop. Leave at least 2-5 duct diameters in the upstream and downstream of the silencer for better silencer efficiency.
  • Do not expose the silencer to dirt or excess humidity while installation or during storage.
  • The HVAC system should be designed meticulously for proper dehumidification and air- filtration to prevent microbial growth within the silencer and the duct system.
  • It is recommended to install the silencer after the volume control damper to prevent regenerated noise.

Product Order Checklist:

  • Required room sound criteria.
  • Airflow data for each silencer
  • Duct size and maximum length available for silencer to fit in.
  • Details of the air-handling units with its noise levels.
  • CAD drawings with clear details of duct routing from each unit and duct- size till the first air outlet.
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