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Most people will have doubt on the topic that which is the ideal thermostat setting for the home. A good thermostat setting will provide comfort to your family and to your indoor home. This may vary according to the preference of your family. Here are some general guidelines that you should follow to find the best settings for your family.

Ideal Thermostat Settings in Colder weather condition

If you adjust the temperature setting of your thermostat wisely when you are in the home and when everyone is out you can save a lot of energy. The best temperature for the time when you are out of home is 68 degrees Fahrenheit. The reports shows that by reducing the temperature at your home by 7-10 degree Fahrenheit for about 8 hrs can reduce 10% of energy bills per year.
You should also consider the temperature settings of your home while you are sleeping most people like to sleep in a cooler environment so you won’t even identify cooler temperature.

Recommended Home Thermostat Settings in Hotter Weather condition

The best temperature for summer is 78 degrees Fahrenheit on the time when you are home. If you are out from home for more than few hours you may have to think about raising the cooling system. Always keep in mind that less the difference between outer and inner temperature you can save more money.
In both cases you have to keep in mind that these are just guidelines, they may not suit your family. For instance, if you got a small baby in your home or an infant you should better keep your home warmer in winter. It is also important to think about the humidity while adjusting thermostat settings in your home.

Why You need to get a Programmable Thermostat

A programmable thermostat could take all the job of adjusting temperature settings at your home. It will adjust the temperature according to the work schedule, at home, or if you are asleep without having the afford of adjusting temperature manually a lot of time a day.
While adjusting the programmable thermostat first you have to consider the family’s comfort. Then you have to adjust according to your weekly schedule and the time that you will be sleeping, the time when your family is out.
If you would like to have a programmable thermostat installed in your home give us a call today to air master equipment.

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