We are looking for candidates experienced in HVAC DUCTING in the UAE market. 

Job Description

Duct Installers are HVAC experts who are responsible for installing duct work. As part of their job, these professionals are responsible for installing air conditioning and ventilation equipment, designing and installing ducts and duct fittings, doing paperwork, adhering to company procedures, and following safety procedures. Resume samples for Duct Installer focus on qualifications like the ability to read blueprints, knowledge of HVAC systems, attention to safety, and good practical skills. Employers choose resumes displaying a high school diploma and HVAC installation experience.

Job duties include but are not limited to:

  • Selects type of material according to product being fabricated, knowledge of duct materials and job standards and specifications.
  • May do layout of fittings and duct, including manually locating and marking dimensions and reference lines on sheet metal, duct board, flex and duct pipe.
  • May receive equipment/materials at site.
  • May set up and operate soldering and welding equipment to join together copper tubing.

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