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Acoustic Louver


Frame: High quality G.I sheets (Z275g) of thickness 1.2mm as standard.
Blade: Double skin, flat blade design, 0.9mm exterior surface and 0.9mm perforated interior surface, G.I construction.
Insulation: 48kg/m3 density, 50mm thick high-quality rock wool insulation with facing


  • Airmaster high performance absorptive type Acoustic Louvers attenuate  undesirable noise from being transferred into the environment with minimal air-flow restriction.
  • Designed to be architecturally appealing in addition to having sturdy construction with maximum acoustic performance and minimal pressure drop.
  • Frame is inverted U shaped having 25mm flanges with flat blade designe as standard.
  • Available in both single and double banks. Louver Depth above 300mm will have double bank construction with chevron blade design.
  • Acoustic infill media with superior characteristics of being inorganic, non-combustible, vermin and moisture proof with density of 48kg/m3 is used. It meets the requirement of EN ISO 1182 and ASTM C665.
  • Insulation is lined to prevent the ingress of media into the air stream.
  • Modular design of Airmaster Acoustic Louvers allows easy site assembly of multiple sections.
  • For areas that require accessibility, options such as custom-made doors with  hinged acoustic louvers or sliding doors with removable/fixed acoustic louvers are available.
  • Tested and certified by Intertek Laboratory USA (NVLAP) in accordance with  ASTM standard E477-2013 entitled “Standard Method of Testing Duct Liner Materials and  Prefabricated Silencers for Acoustical and Airflow Performance”.
  • Minimum Single section size (W x H): 300mm x 450mm
    Maximum Single section size (W x H): 1800mm x 2400mm

Some of the Applications:

  • Generator room, Pump room, compressor room and car park ventilation
  • Acoustic enclosure for plant room and cooling tower
  • Fresh air intake and Exhaust applications

Standard Finishes:

  • Polyester powder coated finish. Color as per clients’ choice.
  • Kynar & super durable coating
  • Natural anodized finish for Aluminium construction


  • Blade and Frame thickness up to 2mm
  • Flange width 35mm
  • Aluminium construction
  • Bird screen:
    • 12 x 12 x 1.5mm dia. aluminium PVC coated wire mesh
    • 12 x 12 x 1mm dia. G.I wire mesh
    • S.S Mesh
  • Insect Screen

Note: Please get in touch with our sales representative for custom-made louver design

Product Order Checklist

  • Flange – with or without
  • Material – Aluminium or GI
  • Depth -200 , 300 or 600

Acoustic Louver

Acoustic Louver




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