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Gas Tight Damper – AGTD (B)

Gas Tight Damper CONSTRUCTION:

Frame: High-quality Galvanized Steel sheet (Z-275) of thickness 2mm
Frame size: 180mm depth and standard flange height of 35mm
Blades: Single skin 3-V blades, Galvanized steel of 2mm thickness
Drive Shaft: Electroplated square rod of size12.7mmx 12.7mm
Bushings: Self-lubricating S.S Ball bearing
Blade linkage: 3mm thick Galvanized steel double linkage system on both sides
Jamb seal: Stainless steel
Gasket: Flame retardant Silicone Gasket

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Gas Tight Damper DESCRIPTION:

  • Gas Tight Damper is Designed for use in Ultra low leakage application at higher pressure up to 4.5” & operations @ 2400 fpm
  • Joints are welded and protected by aluminum spray coating to prevent rusting.
  • S.S Ball bearing is used for smooth closing of blades and for long life application.
    Blade ends have flame retardant silicone gaskets that can withstand temperature of 180oC and tested @ 300deg C for 72 hrs.
  • Flanged edges are supplied with drilled holes as standard.
  • Actuators of client’s choice will be factory installed.
  • Actuators shall be spring return type (fail safe) to shut off in the event of failure of power supply to the actuator.
  • Damper is equipped with junction box for ease of power connection at site.
  • Dampers will be provided with extended spindle to fix actuator on-site.
  • Air Performance and leakage testing were conducted in accordance with AMCA Standard 500-D-98 entitled, “Laboratory Methods for Testing Dampers for Rating”.
  • Max leakage rating of damper is < 2cfm/sq.ft @ 4.5”

Gas Tight Damper OPTIONS:

Frame and Blade depth: Customized sizes are available
Actuator: ATEX rated Explosion proof actuator for Zone 1,2 and Zone 21,22 classified hazardous locations, IP 66 and closing as fast as 1sec.
Material: SS 304 / 316 Frame and Blade



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