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What is a VAV terminal(Variable Air Volume Terminals)?

Contrary to the conventional air-conditioning design where constant air flow is supplied by varying temperature, a VAV box modulates air flow in to an occupied space at a constant temperature. In a conventional air-conditioning system, all areas are equally cooled regardless of occupancy level. This type of design would lead to an uncomfortable condition inside the occupied space and it is not energy efficient. An area with lesser occupants or no occupants remains very cold and an area with many occupants remains warm. Introducing VAV’s in building design can resolve this problem.

What are the advantages of VAV(Variable Air Volume Terminals) Box?

 Zones with different cooling load can be controlled with the same air-handling unit instead of having separate units to serve each zone. In addition to maintaining the comfort conditions in multiple zones of a building, a VAV system can save appreciable amount of energy by reducing the load on Fan and Compressor. The end result is decreased energy bills, maintenance cost and most importantly, significantly reduced carbon foot print.