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SS Duct – Stainless Steel Duct

Applications: Duct Systems for kitchen exhaust, moisture laden air, fume exhaust, special application like hospitals, testing laboratories, highly corrosive atmosphere conditions.

Advantages: High resistance to corrosion from moisture and most chemicals, ability to take a high polish. Good formability and weldability


Limiting Characteristics: Labor and material cost, workability, availability.

Stainless steel is available in many different alloy combination, type 304 and 316 are most commonly used. Stainless is usually available in the following finishes as listed in ASTM:

  • Mill Rolled No.1
  • Mill Rolled No.2D
  • Mill Rolled No.2B
  • Bright Annealed Finish
  • Mill Polished Finish No. 3 to 8
Stainless Steel Duct

It is the system designer’s responsibility to indicate the type of Stainless Steel most suitable for the conditions to which the ductwork is to be exposed.

Stainless Steel Duct(SS Duct) mostly recommended for special applications such as commercial Kitchen Extraction, Highly corrosive environment and Hospital Air-Conditioning projects.  SS Duct is Fabricated with watertight fully welded construction as well as lock-forming technology based on SMACNA and DW/144 specifications. Airmaster is the best Stainless Steel Duct manufacturers & Suppliers in UAE along with Grilles And Registers, Diffusers, Dampers, Louvers, Fire and Safety, Tapes & Insulation and VAV & Silencer. We supply all over in the middle east, Asian & African countries.

Airmaster diversified the business into different areas of the construction industry in past few years, such as: Manufacturing of Fire rated Steel & Acoustic doors, HVAC designing & contracting, Manufacturing of Tapes/Adhesives for HVAC & Packaging industry and Fire fighting equipment. Now, we are coming up with another milestone in our product range- “Sheet Metal Ducting” which makes us best ducting company in UAE.


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