Fire Doors and Frames


  • 45mm (13/4”) thick full flush construction with the details confirming to SDI-111A-EDGE considered.
  • Manufactured from cold rolled steel sheets to ASTM A366 or from galvanized steel to ASTM A526. Available in nominal 1.2mm (18ga.) or 1.5mm (16ga.).
  • Vertical edges are interlocked.
  • 1.5mm (16ga.) deep end channels at top and bottom of door for lasting integrity.
  • Hardware reinforcing in accordance to ANSI, SDI, NFPA standards requirements.
  • Tested according to UL10(B) and labelled up to 3 hours. Available with wide range of glass light and louver preparations.
  • Fire rated, Labeled: Available in sizes up to 4’x8’ single and 8’x8’ double. larger sizes are also available with oversize certification.

This specification applies to standard steel doors as shown on the plan and door schedules and as manufactured by ADVANCE METAL INDUSTRIES L.L.C.

Quality Assurance:
ADVANCE METAL will provide doors in compliance with ANSI/SDI-100 requirements. ADVANCE METAL will provide fire rated doors labeled and listed by Underwriters Laboratories Inc. (or) warringtonfire mideast.

Labeled fire rated Door tested in accordance with UL (or) Warringtonfire-mideast with rating as specified in the plans and door schedule. Fire door frames are to be manufactures by Advance Metal in accordance with the approved procedures issued by UL (or) Warringtonfiremideast.
Fire rated Door shall bear the appropriate fire labels.
Installation of the frames plumb, square and in true alignment in compliance with SDI-122. Installation and troubleshooting guide for standard steel doors and frames.

Hinge Preparation: 
ADVANCE METAL will provide doors with 4.0mm thick steel hinge reinforcements welded to the doors in compliance with SDI-100. Standard hinge preparation is to be 41/2”x4” for regular weight 0.134” thick hinge, three preparations through 2286mm (7’6”) height and four preparations over 2286mm (7’6”) and up to 3048mm (10’) height in compliance with NFPA 80.
Lock Face Plate Preparation: ADVANCE METAL will provide Doors with 3.0mm thick steel lock face plate reinforcement with tapped holes welded to the Doors.
Standard lock preparation is to be provided in compliance with ANSI A115.2.
Closer and Other Reinforcement:
Advance Metal will provide all doors with minimum 2.0mm (14gauge) reinforcement as necessary to support the scheduled hardware in compliance with ANSI/SDI-100. Drilling and tapping for surface applied hardware to be performed at the building site by others.
Glazing: Doors are to be provided with steel channel glazing beads for installation of glazing. Installation of glazing by others.
Painting: After fabrication Door thoroughly cleaned (to assure proper adhesion) and polyester powder coated finish applied. Wooded finish paint will be provided as a optional finish.


Fire Door Type
Fire Door Type

AM-100 Series:

 Pre-foamed Honey Comb bonded to both Door skins using a heated power press thus ensuring maximum adhesion and flat warp and distortion free panel.

AM-200 Series:

 Pre-foamed polystyrene slab of 18Kg/m3.(1.12pcf) density, filling the inside of the door and secured to face skins with adhesive.

AM-300 Series: 

Constructed using 0.8mm (22 gauge) thick vertical steel stiffeners welded to each face of the door at
100mm centers and spaced 190mm centers. Voids filled with fiberglass insulation.

AM-400 Series: 

Constructed using 0.8mm (22 gauge) thick vertical steel stiffeners welded to each face of the door at 100mm centers and spaced 190mm centers. Voids are filled with rock wool insulation.

AM-500 Series: 

Foamed-in-place polyurethane core exceeding 35Kg/m3.(2.18 pcf) compressed density, entirely filling the inside of the door.

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