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Sand Trap Louvers with Dampers – ASTL+D


Frame and blades: 1.5mrn and 1.2 mm thick high quality extruded aluminium profiles.
Bird screen: 12 mm x 12 mm x 1 mm diameter GI wire mesh as standard. 12 rim x 12 mm x 1.5 mm diameter aluminium wire mesh as option.
Drain: 20 mm diameter self drain holes at the bottom of the louver.
Damper: Galvanized steel sheet construction. Damper blades: High quality extruded aluminium profiles.

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Sand trap louvers are an integral part of any air handling unit, usually installed at the first point of air intake. As the name of the product states, sand trap louvers prevents the sand from entering the air intake unit or equipment rooms, thus avoiding a damage to the moving parts of the equipments. They are also used for ventilation purposes in parking areas, warehouses, generator rooms, fan rooms, etc in desert or sandy regions.
Sand trap louvers are designed with a set of U channels arranged in series on one side and another set of inverted U channels arranged parallel to the first set. This arrangement creates a resistance or barrier for the sand particles in the intake air and thus settles down. The sand could be drained through the drain holes or collected in a tray.
Sand trap louvers are available with optional accessories such as bird screen, insect screen, aluminium mesh filter, volume control damper.
The above model is specifically available with volume control damper. Volume control dampers are available in different materials such as aluminium, GI and stainless steel.
Sand trap louvers are ideal in areas where the intake air velocities do not exceed 1 m/sec. Airmaster strongly recommends high efficiency sand trap louver for higher air intake velocities

  • Manufactured from high quality extruded aluminium profiles with the advantages of corrosion resistance and rigidity.
  • Composed two sets of inverted U-channels mounted vertically on him opposite rows.
  • Drain holes of diameter 20 mm are provided in two rows at the bottom of the louver for emptying filtered sand and dust.
  • Can be manufactured from G I or SS as option.
  • Feed with a removable volume control damper to ensures positive control over the fresh air stream.
  • Damper can be operated manually from the back of the louver or can be motor operated.
  • Unsigned to separate sand and dust from the air stream. Generally used for ventilation applications and at inlet duct of air handling unit.

Standard finishes:

  • Natural aluminium anodized finish.
  • Finish as per PAL colour code.
  • Flexibility of finishing available as option.
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