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Jet Diffuser- Ring Type – AJD-P


Frame: High quality heavy gauge aluminium sheet.
Outer flange: High quality extruded aluminium profiles.
Inner rings: Aluminium spun rings.
Optional accessories: Plenum box either lined or unlined as per clients choice.


Airmaster ring-type Jet Diffusers are highly suitable for delivering a high stream of air over long distances. Its ability to deliver an accurate airstream makes it suitable for spot cooling applications. Its angular movement allows the air stream to be delivered through a wide area of direction either in full jet position or in reduced jet position.
The Jet Diffusers nozzle can be adjusted 30 degrees upwards and downwards. Nozzle jet can be rotated 360 degrees by adjusting the mounting frame. Jet Diffusers can be fixed directly to the round ductwork.gasket is sealed around the back of the Jet Diffuser to avoid air leakage.
Jet Diffusers are suitable for large spaces or area with high ceilings, such as theatres, concert halls, gymnasiums, mall atriums, exhibition halls, etc. Multiple Jet Diffusers can be integrated in a single panel for large volumes of air. The design of Jet Diffusers allows for a long distance throw along with trajectory control.
Airmaster Jet Diffusers are also available with manual or motorized operation. For motorized operation, an actuator is provided to control the direction of the spigot.
Airmaster Jet Diffusers are available in various colours of client’s choice , that will suit the aesthetics of the area of application.
Airmaster Jet Diffusers are available from 160mm dia upto 400 mm dia. Jet Diffusers are generally installed on the walls. Jet Diffusers can be supplied with plenum box with round inlet as option.

  • Frame and inner rings are high quality aluminium construction with the advantages of corrosion resistance.
  • Jet nozzle section is mounted in aluminium square plate covered by flanged border.
  • Nozzle can be adjusted 30° upwards and downwards to achieve required throw as per site condition. Nozzle jet can be rotated by 360° by adjusting the mounting frame.
  • Generally designed for wall mounting. For ceiling mounting, drill 2 to 4 holes in the face of the flanged border.
  • Air master Jet Diffusers are specially suitable to handle large quantity of air with long throw.
  • Ideal for commercial use such as concert halls, theaters, exhibition and sport halls.
  • Jet nozzles can be supplied with plenum box, which is manufactured from galvanized steel sheet as option.
  • Plenum boxes can be supplied with round duct damper at the spigot as option.

Related products: Airmaster manufactures products such as  Drum Louvers ( also known as cylindrical jet throw diffuser) for supplying large volumes of air across long distances. The drum or cylinder can be adjusted 30 degrees upward or downward to direct the air in the desired direction. The drum louver has vertical blades to adjust the airflow in the horizontal direction as well.
For applications requiring ceiling mounted diffusers to handle large supply air volumes, we recommend round ceiling diffusers – with adjustable core.
Standard finishes:

  • Powder coated color finish as per RAL color codes.
  • Flexibility of finishing available as option.

Available from 100 mm dia to 400 mm dia with the increments of 50 mm.

D = Dia of Jet Diffuser in mm 100 150 200 250 300 350 400

Screw fixing from flange to duct.
Panel arrangement:
Jet Diffusers

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