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MFSD Class 1

MFSD Class 1 – Motorized Fire & Smoke Damper – AMFSD-1.5 hours

Motorized fire & smoke damper or Combination fire and smoke damper
Fire damper is a device installed in an air distribution system or an air transfer opening designed to close automatically upon detection of heat interrupting airflow and thereby restricting the passage of fire in the process. Fire dampers are installed in fire rated walls/barriers/partitions (sleeve required) where the HVAC ductwork penetrates ensuring that their integrity is maintained. The location and installation procedure of fire dampers should be in accordance with the widely accepted and recommended standard, NFPA 90A – Standard for the installation of Air-Conditioning. 
Airmaster Motorized fire and smoke damper / Combination fire and smoke damper (MFSD Class 1) is developed with the intention of maximizing occupant’s safety.