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Double Side Light Troffer Diffuser – ALTE-T


Frame:  22 or 20 gauge galvanized steel sheet.
Spigot:  Circular spigot of 125 or 150 mm dia with 75 mm length as standard. Square, rectangular and oval shaped spigots as optional.
Optional accessories:  Volume control dampers, with internal or external insulation.


  • Constructed from 22 gauge galvanized steel sheet.
  • Circular spigot of 125 or 150 mm diameter with a standard length of 75 mm are fixed at the top of the diffuser.
  • Inlets of square, rectangular or oval shapes with different inlet positions as per site conditions are available on request.
  • Air collected from spigot is equally discharged through slots on both sides of the diffuser.
  • Exposed surfaces can be painted black (RAL 9005) as option to minimize reflection.
  • Volume control dampers are fixed to the spigot connection as per the client’s request for effective dampening and to equalize the internal flow along the full length.
  • Design flexibility exits to suit different light troffers without projections and interference.
  • Available without insulation. Internal or external insulation as option.
  • For accuracy in fabrications as per site condition, please mention light fitting model number and manufacturer’s name and details with exact dimensions.

ALTD supplied at Etisalat Telecommunication Sheikh Zayed Zoad, Dubai-UAE

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