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Drainable Blade Louver – ADBL


Frame and blades: High quality extruded aluminium profile.
Flange width: 30 mm standard.
Flange depth: 100 mm


  • Airmaster ADBL model louvers are designed for superior air and water penetration performance combined with solid-looking appearance.
  • Extruded aluminium profiles to make ADBL model louvers are amongst the highest quality standards in the industry.
  • Designed to provide more than 50% free area, thereby reducing pressure drop significantly even at higher air velocity.
  • Unique blade construction provides excellent resistance to water penetration.
  • Frame and blades are designed for drainable functionality. Water collected in each horizontal blade flows towards the frame and drains through the gutter provided in frame jamb.
  • Construction is extremely sturdy and can be used in areas that require heavy duty louvers to withstand medium level impacts.
  • Multiple sections will be assembled to provide continuous blade appearance which is aesthetically appealing.


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