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HVAC Duct G-Clamp

These clamps are ideally used for 4-Bolt duct connectors system with standard sizes AM 30, AM 35 & AM 40 for clamping back-to-back flanges to have secured cross-joints connections. Manufactured from high-quality zinc coated steel with M8 Hexagonal Bolt for clamping


Corners & Flanges

Air master covers the entire range of various type duct connectors’ systems.  Suitable flanges’ corners are stamped from high quality steel grades. Specially formulated for HVAC ducts, water-based sealants and cross joints gaskets are available. Special Hvac Duct G-Clamp are available for supporting the construction of the duct. Airmaster is the best Flanges and Duct Corners manufacturers & Suppliers in UAE along with Grilles And Registers, Diffusers, Dampers, Louvers, Fire and Safety, Tapes & Insulation and VAV & Silencer. We supply all over in the middle east, Asian & African countries.

Airmaster diversified business into different areas of the construction industry in past few years, such as: Manufacturing of Fire rated Steel & Acoustic doors, HVAC designing & contracting, Manufacturing of Tapes/Adhesives for HVAC and Fire fighting equipment. Now, we are coming up with another milestone in our product range- “Sheet Metal Ducting”.


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