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Single deflection linear bar grille ARLG


Frame: High quality extruded aluminium profile with 30 mm flange width as standard. 12, 20, 24 mm flange widths are optional.
Face bars: High quality aluminium profiles of 0°, 15°-1 way throw and 15°-2 way throw.
Bar spacing: 12 mm as standard. 6 mm as option. Grille width: 50 mm to 300 mm with increments of 50 mm.


  • Frame and face bars are of high quality extruded aluminium profiled construction with the advantages of corrosion resistance and rigidity.
  • Horizontal face bars with 0°, 15°-1 way throw and 15°-2 way throw are fixed  rigidly to the frame with 8 mm pipes.
  • For perfect unbroken appearance of continuous runs, alignment strips are provided with no additional cost.
  • Total structure is manufactured by mechanical assembly, assuring rigidity and to maintain straight line appearance.
  • Supplied with C-clamps for concealed fixing.

Single deflection linear bar grille ARLG


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