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Step Displacement Diffuser – ASDD


Face plate: Perforated Aluminium sheet of 1.5mm thickness
Frame: High quality extruded Aluminium profile with 12mm flange width as standard Rear pressure plate: 1.2mm thick aluminium sheet


• Airmaster step displacement diffuser is specially designed to be installed in the steps of auditoria/Theatres to provide displacement ventilation.
• The entire assembly is constructed of Aluminium
• Finely perforated face plate generates low-turbulence discharge flow.
• Plenum pressure of less than 20Pa is recommended to achieve excellent balancing across all diffusers and lower noise levels and throw.
• Can be installed in both concrete and wooden steps. Designed for simple installation. Face plate and core can be easily removed for cleaning or maintenance purposes.
• Air intake from back is standard and from bottom is optional
• No draft is felt by the occupants hence giving them a comfortable experience.


Blade & frame Thickness: 2mm thickness for heavy duty application
Face plate material: Stainless Steel, G.I sheet
Face plate design: Can be custom made as per client’s choice
Flange Width: 20mm, 24mm OR 30mm as per client’s choice
Face Plate and Core: Non removable type (Fixed)

Step Displacement Diffuser - ASDD


• Natural anodized aluminium finish.
• Powder coated to any RAL color finish as per clients choice


Step Displacement Diffuser - ASDD


Step Displacement Diffuser - ASDD

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