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Double deflection register front horizontal ASR-H


Frame: High quality extruded aluminium profile with 30 mm flange width as standard. 12, 20, 24 mm flange widths are optional.
Blades: Aerofoil blades from aluminium profiles.
Blade spacing: 20 mm as standard. Damper frame and blades: High quality extruded aluminium profiles with natural aluminium finish. Black matt finish as option.



  • The frame and blades are of high quality extruded aluminum profiled construction with the advantages of corrosion resistance and rigidity.
  • Grilles have two sets parallel aerofoil blades with one set mounted horizontally on the front and other set vertically at the rear.
  • Frame is separated from aerofoil deflection blades by nylon bushings. This method of assembly ensures quiet, smooth and rattle free operation.
  • Deflection blades can be adjusted manually and individually, to provide air deflection in both horizontal and vertical planes.
  • Grilles are rigidly fixed with opposed blade damper by grippers. Damper blade is screw operated from the face opening.
  • Foam gasket is sealed around the back of the frame as option to avoid air leakage.

Standard finishes:

  • Natural anodized aluminium finish.
  • Powder coated colour finish as per RAL colour codes.
  • Flexibility of finishing is available as option.


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