The problems that may cause if you dont change your AC filter

The problems that may cause if You don’t change your AC Filter

You are truly aware of the consequence of problems caused by not cleaning your kitchen frequently or the chaos of stop checking your emails or after-effects of not refilling your coffee machine, but did you ever thought about changing your office or home AC filter????

It is pretty hard to believe that small simple things like this play a big role in our day to day life. What may happen if you didn’t change the ac filter regularly? Ac filter portraits a big role in the quality of the air that you breathe inside the room.

Just think of all the dirt that you see on the washing machine strainer. What if it is equivalent to the dirt on the AC filter? Let’s find out the reasons that you should clean your ac filter.

What may be the reason that you are not changing the Ac filter?

Most people don’t know what is the purpose of the ac filters and what does it do on air purification. Most commonly standard HVACs air filters in ac doest act as an air purifier. It just filters out the dirt particles that suck in the ducts.

Ac filters that are used commonly in our household and commercial building ac doesn’t purify out the harmful chemicals and other things. The frequency of changing the ac filter only makes the ac much easier to make cool.

But most recently ac filters in buildings are upgraded to high-efficiency ac filters as a part of a covid virus. This filter should be cleaned periodically as it traps more micro things and gets clogged easily.

How air filter is linked to blower fans and ductwork

Air filters screen the air that passes through the ac. By the time being the filter will be clogged up with dirt and dust. There are mainly two types of air filters paper filters and Sturdier filters. Paper filters are deposable and sturdier could be reused after cleaning.

Whichever filter you should clean or change it periodically otherwise your ac began to fail. Dust that is stuck inside the filter will jam the fan motors and valves and airflow gets gradually restricted. It also increases the power usage for the ac that means the cooling time of the ac gets increased. You can save approximately 15 % of electricity if you change the filter of your ac at the end of each peak cooling times.

High energy particulate air filters

This is a type of filter that will block allergens and spores; they are made up of very small meshes that will easily collect the allergens, pollen, dander, and mold spores. They can be categorized as MERV ratings the ratings are between 1 to 20, the higher the rating of the filter the higher the efficiency.

These types of filters need frequent cleaning or change because they collect more particles and there is more chance of clogging and building of moisture environment inside the filter which may lead to many serious health issues.

Affects the machine

The condition gets more difficult if you ignore the condition of the air filter for a long time. The more and more dust and particles get accumulated on the filter and later affect the working condition of the whole machine. Most commonly companies give the life span of ac as fifteen to twenty years but if the filter change doesn’t happen periodically it will get reduced to 5 or 6 years.

The parts of the machine get a break by the time being and there occurs a need for the replacement and lead to a waste of money and unnecessary charges.

You can change the ac filter in 3 steps

  1. Position of filter

First, you have to identify the location of the filter inside the machine. In some ac it in the near circulating and furnace area and in some, it is near to the blower system. Sometimes the filter is free open type and in some cases, it is covered with metal covering and labeled as a filter.

  1. Identify

After locating the place of your ac filter you have to identify which type of filter is used inside the filter. Only by thus, you could buy an appropriate filter for the ac. Ac filter replacement is quite is an easy task but you could assistance of an HVAC technician for easy replacement.

  1. Replace

Once you decide to change the ac filter all by yourself. first, take all safety precautions such as turn off the power before operating the ac. Open the filter case remove the filter if it is the disposable type and dispose of it accordingly or if it is a reusable type clean it as per manufacture instructions.

Clean your ac filter periodically or replace it accordingly it will only reduce the extra energy and money loss. And in this covid time, it will reduce the chance of getting sick very often.

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