Whether you are looking for the control measures to stop an infectious disease such as the COVID-19 or a simple way to help combat the common flu season touch-free hand sanitizer dispenser stand can help to reduce the exposure in your facility. As several companies are now asking their employees to return to offices even the pandemic is still looming large, it has become more important than earlier to implement public safety strategies.

Employees want to feel safe and comfortable returning to offices or warehouses knowing they have access to proper measures of sanitization. CDC has recommended safety guidelines everyone should practice such as maintaining social distance, disinfection of workspaces on regular basis, and frequently washing the hands by the employees.

Touch-free hand sanitizer dispenser stands to facilitate sanitization and effectively kill the viruses such as the COVID-19. Airmaster Sanitizing Booth is a 5 In 1 Anti Covid Products Organizer which includes Pedal Operated Sanitizer Tray, Gloves Tray, Tissue Box Compartment, Facemask Tray and Waste Basket. The sanitizing stands have been designed and manufactured to offer the most accessible sanitization for all the employees in the facility. Other sanitization options do not offer such benefits as the touch-free hand sanitizer in the facility that can extend past the sanitization measures of COVID-19.

Sanitizing Booth

The touch-free hand sanitizer dispenser stand is capable of delivering the measures of sanitization far beyond the capability of the traditional sanitizer dispenser.

hand sanitizer dispenser stand

Negligible Contact for Increased Sanitization

The “touch-free” component permits less contact with other surfaces and stops the germs from spreading. Unlike traditional dispensers or hand-washing, a hands-free sanitization station eliminates the danger of unnecessary touch by utilizing movement sensors rather than a button to deliver a ground-breaking sanitization solution in one quick, convenient action.
The traditional hand washing involves touching of the hand dryer, faucet, or sanitizing wipe dispenser wall mount. Now all this additional touching spreads the germs all around the area and there is an increased chance of the transmission of the COVID-19 inside the facility.

Easy access

Whether the hand sanitizer is placed on the wall or on the stand, the touch-free hand sanitizers helpful to maintain hygiene control for the employees. They can be positioned in offices, workspaces, breakrooms, or areas where there is high traffic so that the employees are not tempted to skip the frequent hand washing if it entails them to take a stroll to the restroom or the hand sanitizer station on the other side of the office.

Pedal Operated Touchless Hand Sanitizer Dispenser Stand

Grey Frame/Red Base Dispenser

Black Frame/Yellow Base Dispenser​ stand

Black Frame/Yellow Base Dispenser​

White Frame/Grey Base Dispenser stand

White Frame/Grey Base Dispenser

White Frame/Green Base Sanitizer Dispenser Stand

White Frame/Green Base Dispenser

White Frame/Blue Base Hand Sanitizer Dispenser stand

White Frame/Blue Base Dispenser

Stainless Steel Sanitizer Dispenser Stand

Stainless Steel Dispenser

Dimension Details

Pedal Operated Hand Sanitizer Dispenser Stand

Since 1987, Air Master Equipments Emirates L.L.C(HVAC Manufacturing Company) has been operating in the middle east and the sub-continent. Over the decades we have engaged in the manufacturing of quality Air distribution, Air control and Fire safety products for the air-conditioning industry. We have also branched out into different areas of the construction industry in the past few years. We have an exclusive division for the manufacturing of Tapes and Adhesives for HVAC and Packaging industry. And also have a state of the art facility for the manufacturing of Fire rated steel and Acoustic doors .  Air Master Equipments Emirates is the manufacturer & supplier of HVAC products like Grilles And Registers, Diffusers, Dampers, Louvers, Fire and Safety, Tapes & Insulation, VAV & Silencer, Sheet Metal Ducting and Firedoor.  Airmaster introduced five new anti-covid products to help support the global fight against the pandemic which are  Pedal Operated Touch free hand sanitizer dispenser(Hand sanitizer stand)Face shieldAutomatic Hand Sanitizer DispenserSanitizing Booth – 5 In 1 Anti Covid Products Organizer and Sanitizing TunnelWe supply our product to Saudi ArabiaAustralia, Sri Lanka, Egypt, Oman, Indonesia, Malaysia, and the Philippines.  

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