Fire Ducts for Ventilation

Air Master Fire Rated Ductwork helps maintain pressurization systems and ensures compartmentation. The integrity of the duct and its ability to function must be maintained in the event of a fire. The HVAC Ductwork is a non-coated system, suitable for installation in multi-compartment, single compartment, stud wall, solid wall, and aerated concrete floors. A comprehensive set of support system is provided. Penetration seals guidance is provided with detailed drawings.

Smoke Extract Duct

Smoke is recognized as the major killer during fire outbreaks. It can spread quickly to nearby buildings that are quite remote from the original flash, threatening life and damaging property. Stairwells and elevator shafts frequently become smoke logged, blocking evacuation routes and preventing firefighters and other rescue teams from doing their critical jobs. Air Master Smoke Extract ductwork is a key element of a fire strategy, by safely channelling smoke out of the building.

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Fire rated Duct with Insulation is a factor preventing flashover

Exhausting smoke from a fire affected area creates a potential flash over risk in compartments other than the fire compartment. As per international standards, insulation certainly help to prevent flashover.
Fire-rated HVAC ducts with insulation ensures that the temperature measured, outside in Type A and inside in Type B, does not exceed 140°C mean average above ambient during the test, and is deemed automatica I lyfa i led ifanythermocouple rises to 180°C. 

Kitchen Extraction Duct 

Kitchen extract ductwork stances a specific risk due to the presence of combustible contaminants, namely grease, inside the ductwork. When a kitchen extract passesth rough multi-compartments, there is a risk from a fire in a compartment outside the kitchen. This can cause the grease inside the duct to ignite, and the fire to spread throughout the building.

About Airmaster Fire Rated Ductwork

The Air Master Fire Rated Ductwork is our commitment to the building safety and effectiveness of passive fire-protection systems. Our factories are equipped with high profile computerized machinery for fabrication of quality ductwork. The Factory Production Control (FPC) system with ISO 90012015 Quality Management System is maintained and audited regularly by reputed Third Party International Certification Bodies. 

Ductwork and accessories are manufactured from hot dipped galvanized steel sheets in rectangular and circular sections. The options are available for stainless steel. The ductwork does not require any kind of fire resistance coating as such. 

HVAC Ductwork supports are calculated, designed and tested for the stability/integrity requirements of the contract specifications using fire engineering guidelines within the permissible stress limits 

 Airmaster is one of the best suppliers of HVAC and Air Ducting Products to Saudi ArabiaAustralia, Sri Lanka, Egypt, Oman, Indonesia, Malaysia, and the Philippines.  

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