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AL Duct – Aluminum Duct

Applications: Aluminum Duct systems for moisture-laden air, louvers, special exhaust systems, decorative duct systems often substituted for galvanized steel in HVAC duct systems.


Aluminum Ductwork is ideally suited for Swimming pool and laundry air-conditioning application. The fabrication will be based on SMACNA and DW/144 specifications. The duct construction shall be proposed based on specific project applications. Airmaster is the best Aluminum Duct/AL Duct manufacturers & Suppliers in UAE along with Grilles And Registers, Diffusers, Dampers, Louvers, Fire and Safety, Tapes & Insulation and VAV & Silencer. We supply all over in the middle east, Asian & African countries.

Airmaster diversified business into different areas of the construction industry in past few years, such as: Manufacturing of Fire rated Steel & Acoustic doors, HVAC designing & contracting, Manufacturing of Tapes/Adhesives for HVAC & Packaging industry and Fire fighting equipment. Now, we are coming up with another milestone in our product range- “Sheet Metal Ducting” which makes us the best ducting company in Dubai.

Advantages: light weight, resistance to moisture corrosion (salt free), availability.

Limiting characteristics: Low strength, material cost, weldability, thermal expansion.

Generally, alloy series of 3000 and 5000 temper series are most commonly specified for duct system. Recommended Aluminium Alloy 3003-H14, Specification Reference: ASTM B209

Duct construction specifications will be complied as per SMACNA/DW-144 latest versions. For longitudinal seams/joints lock-forming and for cross joints/connectors MIG/TIG welding methods are used. Fastening is generally done by aluminium pop-rivets suitably.

No protective finishes are required for aluminium ductwork used indoors or outdoors in normal atmospheric conditions. Generally, it is used for laundry and swimming pool areas, where moisture- laden air exists.
*Aluminium ductwork is not suitable for kitchen extract duct systems.

Aluminum Duct types


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