Air Master Fire Rated Ductwork

Uniquely designed, non-coated Fire Resisting Steel Ductwork

  • Tested in horizontal as well as vertical orientation under cellulosic fire conditions and successfully achieved over 120 minutes of fire resistance for integrity, stability and Insulation criterion of Duct A (Fire Outside the ductwork) and Duct B (Fire Inside the ductwork).
  • A global product assessment and certification of the fire resistance performance for ventilation and smoke extraction ducts done at Applus Laboratories, Spain
  • Complied with
    ISO 6944-1985
    BS 9999
  • UAE Civil Defense certified system
  • ROP Oman certified system


  • Mechanical Ventilation System
  • Car Park Smoke Extraction System
  • Dual Ventilation / Smoke Extraction System
  • Stairwell Pressurization System

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