airmaster xlpe insulation

Fire resistance and low toxic smoke emission

Airmaster XLPE is rated CLASS 0 as per BS 476 Part 6 (fire propagation) and BS 476 7 (Surface Spread of flame). According to ASTM E84, airmaster® XLPE achieved the highest ranking (Class 1). However, in case of fire, most of the deaths result from smoke inhalation, airmaster® XLPE passed the concentration limits of combustion gases as per BS 6853 and IMO MSC 61 (67) 1996, Annex 1, Part 2, airmaster® XLPE is an UL listed product.

Zero water vapor permeability and low water absorption rate

Condensation control is the first challenge faced by any insulation material. Being composed of a foam with more than 90% closed cell content and a watertight alupet foil, airmaster® XLPE can be installed on ducts or pipes without any other additional water vapor barriers. The excellent protection against condensation ensures also the long-term thermal efficiency of the installation.

Excellent thermal efficiency

airmaster® XLPE has a low thermal conductivity, which guarantees a high performance improvement of the installation in terms of thermal block. Combined with the excellent condensation control property. The thermal efficiency will be maintained for a long period of time.

Environment friendly

airmaster® XLPE insulation is a CFC and HCFC free product. It does neither contain nor use in its production any of the substances the contribute to the Ozone Depletion Potential (ODP) or to the Global Warming Potential ( GWP), airmaster® XLPE doesn’t emit any loose fibers and has a very low emission level (VOC).

Cost saving

Due to the reduced number of accessories needed to install airmaster® XLPE and due to the short installation time. Our product cuts down the overall insulation costs of the project. in the same time, due to its excellent mechanical properties, it guarantees a high return on investment in terms of life expectancy.

airmaster® XLPE can be used successfully in projects where indoor air quality is a major concern. Please consult our leaflets developed especially for learning facilities projects and medical facilities projects.

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