Fire Rated Ductwork

Air Master was established in the year 1987 in the United Arab Emirates. Since then it has been known to be the pioneers in the field of manufacturing of air-distribution and air-control products like Grilles, Diffusers, Louvers and Dampers. Having a successful startup of “Sheet Metal Ducting” in 2017, Air Master has now come up with a new product in line with the existing fire safety products – Fire Rated Ductwork.
“AIR MASTER” fire rated ductwork (AMFRD) is a non-coated type galvanized steel sheet met-al ductwork, tested in accordance with BS 476 part 24 and International standards in inter-nationally accredited laboratories. It is manufactured by specialized technical team using computerized state-of-the-art sheet metal duct manufacturing machines.
Air Master Fire Rated Ductwork is designed in a such a way that it is easy to install, light in weight and cost effective for the contractors, fulfilling stringent criteria of international codes of fire safety in buildings.

Need for Fire Rated Ductwork

Unfortunately, every year fire kills thousands of people and causes property damage worth billions across the world. It is our moral responsibility to take part in the safety of mankind and the environment. Air Master contributes through the development of innovative life safety products like the “fire rated ductwork”.

Fundamental Characteristics of Fire Rated Ductwork

Fire rated ductwork usually needs to pass through compartment walls or floors that will have a prescribed fire resistance period in terms of the load bearing capacity, integrity and insulation criteria, for durations of 30 to 240 minutes. It is a requirement that where these compartment walls/floors are penetrated by ducts or other building services, the fire performance criteria for the penetrated wall or floor are maintained, such that fire in one compartment may not spread to other areas. So, the fire resisting duct needs to maintain i.e., not compromise the fire resistance of the wall or floor through which it penetrates. The performance of a fire resisting duct which penetrates a fire resisting/separating element requires careful consideration by specifiers and controlling authorities. The standard periods of stability and integrity should in all cases be at least equal to those required for the penetrated element of construction.

Features of Fire Rated Ductwork

Successful testing and assessments are done for the duct size range up to 6000 millimeters in compliance with BS 476 part 24 and ISO 6944-1985 at internationally accredited Applus+ Laboratories at Barcelona, Spain.

  • Tested in horizontal as well as vertical orientation separately under cellulosic (standard time Vs. temperature curve) fire conditions and successfully achieved over 120 minutes of fire resistance for integrity and stability of
    >> Duct A (Fire Outside the ductwork)
    >> Duct B (Fire Inside the ductwork).
  •  A global product assessment and certification of the fire resistance performance for ventilation and smoke extraction ducts is being done by Applus+ Laboratories
  • Complied with
    ISO 6944-1985
    BS 999
    Mechanical Ventilation System
    Car Park Smoke Extraction System
    Dual Ventilation / Smoke Extraction System
    Stairwell Pressurization System
    Kitchen Extraction System
  • Models
    AMFRD-01A (without insulation)
    AMFRD-01B (without insulation)
    AMFRD-02A (with insulation)
    AMFRD-02B (with insulation)

Fire Rated Duct

Internationally certified, UAE Civil Defense approved “air master©” fire resisting ventilation and smoke extraction ducts tested successfully under cellulosic fire conditions as per BS476-24:1987, ISO 6944-1985 for Integrity, Stability and Smoke Extraction.

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