Airmaster Fire Damper

What is a Fire Damper, variations and how does it work

Smoke and Flames rising from residential buildings, hotels and warehouses have become a common sight nowadays. Out of 1.2 million fires reported in the U.S.A in 2013, almost 39% of the cases were structural fires causing more than 2800 deaths and $9.5 billion in property damagei. The `Center for Disease Control and Prevention’ notes death …

what is vav terminal

What is a VAV (Variable Air Volume) terminal? Pressure Independent vs By Pass VAV

We live in an era of global warming. Sustainability, carbon foot print, energy conservation and efficiency are topics commonly discussed and of greatest concern. A majority of construction and manufacturing sectors in the world have already started to feel the pressure from government and other regulatory bodies to use energy efficient products. Building HVAC is …


All about Airmaster Sheet Metal Ducting – One stop shop for all your HVAC Ducting requirement

Established in 1987 (over 32 years of excellence) – Air Master Equipments Emirates L.L.C has been operating in the Middle East and sub-continent and has been actively engaged in the manufacturing of quality Air distribution, Air control and Fire safety products for HVAC industry. We have diversified our business into different areas of construction industry …

hvac ducts

HVAC Rigid ducting Vs Flex Ducting

The HVAC systems in the facility have the air supply and exhaust, these are made through ductwork. To make the ducts several different types materials are needed, and each material must suit specific needs and regulation. The ductworks are categorized into two main divisions, such as rigid ducting and the flexible ducting. Most buildings utilize …

Fire Ducts for Ventilation

Fire Ducts for Ventilation – Air Master Fire Rated Ductwork

Air Master Fire Rated Ductwork helps maintain pressurization systems and ensures compartmentation. The integrity of the duct and its ability to function must be maintained in the event of a fire. The HVAC Ductwork is a non-coated system, suitable for installation in multi-compartment, single compartment, stud wall, solid wall, and aerated concrete floors. A comprehensive …


Benefits of touch-free hand sanitizer dispenser stand in a facility

Whether you are looking for the control measures to stop an infectious disease such as the COVID-19 or a simple way to help combat the common flu season touch-free hand sanitizer dispenser stand can help to reduce the exposure in your facility. As several companies are now asking their employees to return to offices even …


Different types of HVAC ducting will help you ventilate your property

There are three types of ducting which will help you in ventilating your property. The three types of ducting that are used for domestic ventilation systems they are Rigid Ducting Semi Rigid ducting  Flexible ducting These three types of ventilation ducting systems will be explained in this article. You will get the knowledge of the …

damper suppliers in ethiopia

Airmaster Community Engagement Initiative – Free Online Acrylic Painting Sessions

Airmaster is proud to launch the ‘Airmaster Community Engagement Initiative‘. This initiative aims to bring together Airmaster family through various online activities. The events are open to family member of all Airmaster Customers, Suppliers & Staff.  Stay tuned for the upcoming free & fun acrylic painting session open to adults & children (8+ years). By the end of the …

custom made Hand Sanitizer dispenser

Advantages of Pedal Operated touch-free hand sanitizer stand Over Automatic Hand Sanitizer Dispensers

Automatic Dispenser Pedal Operated touch free hand sanitizer dispenser 1. Quick Dispensing & Safety Automatic hand sanitizer dispensers normally take 3 to 4 seconds to dispense sanitizer liquid. Dispensing is instantaneous in pedal operated dispenser. No time wastage. Delay in dispensing leads to touching of the sensor/dispenser unknowingly by majority of the users. Purpose of …


Our new Product – Pedal Operated Hand Sanitizer dispenser – Hand sanitizer stand

  Touch free hand sanitizer dispenser stand available for offices, factories, shopping malls , hospitals, airports and gyms     Foot operated hand sanitizer dispenser stand Galvanized steel body and mild steel base Adjustable tray Heavy duty construction Customized branding and color combination available for bulk quantity  

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